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Almost 6,500 students cast ballots on November 4, 2008 at area precincts.  The following are this year’s final Kids Voting Leon County election results:

National   President and Vice President Final Vote (Winner in Bold)
  John McCain and Sarah Palin  2,634
  Barack Obama and Joe Biden  3,665
  Ralph Nader and Matt Gonzalez  95
State  State Senator District 3  
  Charles S. Dean   1,760
  Suzan L. R. Franks  2,106
County County Commissioner At Large, Group 1  
  Akin Akinyemi     2,413
  Ed DePuy 1,509
Nonpartisan Judicial Circuit Judge, 2nd Circuit,
Group 7
  Lisa Raleigh 2,086
  Frank E. Sheffield  1,744
Special Survey Questions:
Grades K-12: Should school lunch options be limited to only healthy options, or should students have the right to choose from a variety of options, including junk food?    
  Healthy options only   1,764  
  Healthy options and junk food  1,888
Grades K-12:  Which of the following should be the State of Florida’s official state bird?    
  Osprey    1,501
  Snowy Egret  700
  Great Egret     1,008
  Black Skimmer   340
  Brown Pelican 501
Grades 6-12:  Should students be required to pass the FCAT to graduate?    
  Yes 2,042
  No 1,620
Grades 6-12:  Should students be allowed to express themselves through words, messages, and/or symbols on their clothing, even if it is offensive to other students?    
  Yes 1,467
  No 2,160
Grades 6-12:  Should students be held accountable by school officials for the content of their on-line web sites, such as MySpace and Facebook, if they are engaging in on-line bullying of other students?    
  Yes 1,932
  No 1,628

Thank you PRESIDENTIAL sponsors!


Uncle Sam Welcomes You to the
Kids Voting Leon County Web Site!

Kids Voting Leon County (KVLC) is the local affiliate of Kids Voting USA: a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that engages students and families in voting. The program is unique because it combines dynamic classroom civic lessons with an authentic voting experience that mirrors the official voting process.

In a time when increasing numbers of young people are losing interest in Election Day, you can reinvigorate our republic by investing in a program that excites our youth to become informed, active contributors to the voting process.


Thank you SENATORIAL sponsors!

YOU could be our first SENATORIAL SPONSOR!

What We Do

Generally, the goal of Kids Voting is to promote concepts of citizenship, civic responsibility, and democracy in the students and young people.   Of course, KVLC's focus is the student population in Leon County.  Through special curriculum, family participation, and community involvement, students and young people learn the importance of being informed  and the responsibilities of voting.

To that end, Kids Voting is the only program of its kind enabling students to visit official polling sites on Election Day and cast ballots similar in content to that of the official ballot.

Thank you GUBERNATORIAL sponsors!

Institute for School Innovation, Inc.
Project CHILD



Why We Do It

It's fun.

It's educational.

It's inspirational.

It's patriotic and non-partisan.

It's tradition in Leon County.

It's KVLC!

Thank you MAYORAL sponsors!

GFWC Capital City Women's Club
GFWC Woman's Club of Tallahassee

Tallahassee Junior Woman's Club

Wadsworth, Humphress, Hollar & Konrad, P.A.

We Need Your Help!

Financial support, volunteers and parental participation are necessary to keep this grassroots organization alive!  The hard work and dedication of our volunteers allows KVLC to prosper and continue increasing civic engagement in Leon County.

To learn more about KVLC and see how you can help throughout the year, please contact us at:

Kids Voting Leon County
P.O. Box 6526
Tallahassee, FL 32314

Thank you for your support!

Thank you GENERAL sponsors!

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Kunst and Cheryl Stuart
Mr. and Mrs. Doug and Angela Morrison Uhland
Capital City Bank

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